10 Things to Know Before Buying a Phone Case

If you’ve just got a new phone that just hit the market then probably you’re also worried like us as to how to keep this slim & sleek powerful device in your hands and avoid damages. You don’t want your freshly bought device to get hurt, considering how expensive the mobile phones are these days. After all, technology doesn’t come cheap, does it. If you’ve got an expensive device that you take with you all most everywhere like everyone in the world and forgot to get an insurance then don’t you worry my friend we’ve got a cheat code for you to settle the hassle. Something that’ll make your expensive device unique and avoid the irritating scratches on your beloved phone.


Yes, you’ve got it right! Its the brilliant gift the mankind created for your device – “The Phone Case”, having said that, now the issue as to how and what to buy for your phone. So, to save you the grave trouble we give you 10 things to keep in mind when buying a phone case.

10 things to know before buying a Phone Case

1. Perfect Fit

There is no point buying a phone case that isn’t a perfect fit for your device because if it isn’t then its good for nothing. Just imagine, you are trying to take a Selfie with your friends and the phone case doesn’t give you access to the volume button to click the picture because the case covered all the buttons. This will not only be irritating but embarrassing too. Hence, you need to make sure that you buy a perfect fit phone case for your device that allows you to access all the device functionalities at ease.

2. Material

One of the most important factors is the material the case is made of as you must make sure that you require a hard or a soft case. It doesn’t end just after deciding that, you now need to finalise that what should it be made of. For example, it can be made of leather, hard plastic, wood, so on so forth. This is always with respect to your choice and need, but creates a significant impact in your mobile device usage experience. If you realise that you’ve spent a lot of money on your device then to value your money and product you must check the material before you buy.

3. Durability

It creates a significant impact as if you are a rough & tough user then you definitely need to make sure you get a highly durable phone case so that your device is protected at all times. It is incredible to see that some smartphone cases will go to extreme extents to safeguard your mobile device. If you keep this point in mind while buying the cases then your phone’s life will drastically increase.

4. Functionality

The phone cases can also increase the possibilities of what you can do with your device, depends on whether you made the right investment. Some of them are there for you to increase the battery life of your beloved phone while some will make it absolutely waterproof. All you need to do is just explore the options that are increasing day by day in the world of technological advancement.


5. Abstraction

You need to examine your phone using habits and then you can abstract as to what features you require and what you don’t in the phone case that you are going to buy. The most amazing part about this factor is that you are the one who is going to decide and prioritize the features that you use in your device more with respect to the ones you use less.

6. Variety

One thing you should never let you skip your mind is that – “Customer is the King” and you are the customer so all must “Bow Down” to you my lord. Considering this, you definitely need to go and do a lot of window shopping before you come to the final device that you plan on investing your hard earned money in. Having a lot to chose from will let you be more creative with what you can do with your phone and the phone case will be an amazing add on.

7. Design & Compatibility

The design of the phone case will make your phone unique and actually yours. Its like a watermark and signature for you to use as an expression. However, design is important but you must make sure that design and compatibility go hand in hand of the phone case when you buy it. Otherwise, the user experience can be worse instead of being better. The phone case must be compatible with your device because if its not then we assure you its a bad investment.


8. Quality

The quality of the phone case should be your top most priority because the quality of your phone case will impact all the features we’ve discussed with you by far. If you invest in a low quality phone case on purpose or by mistake, it is going to remind you of that bad investment every time you’ll look at your device. An average user 85 times pick up their phone daily, we’re sure you don’t want to be reminded of poor quality eighty five times a day.

9. Price

We understand that you’ve spent a hefty amount on your mobile phone but not spending on the phone case may drain your investment on your phone considering you missed out on filling the insurance form. Now, the solution is to not to over spend but also to make sure you are making an optimised investment by creating a price bracket and managing what you want in your phone case accordingly.

d Seller

Online e-commerce market is gigantic but you need to make sure that you purchase from a certified seller as this huge market often has sellers who may promise you a leather case for a reasonable price but when you’ll unbox your order you’ll be shattered into tears. The best way to avoid such issues is by making sure you purchase from a certified seller and not from someone who doesn’t have a reputation to hold in the market.

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