Best 5 Phone Covers for Galaxy S7 Edge

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2018)

The world created a different story for itself the day, technology and human life collided. Thousands of innovative creations every day is changing the lifestyle of the people and so is changing the world’s history. The brilliant technical creations are unlocking the doors of new life experiences.

Talking about technology the creation of smartphones changed the lives of the people in a way one could ever dream. But they say desire increases when fulfillment is postponed. The fulfillment of having smartphones were not the end, it welcomed the need of covering it, one of the most précised possessions of daily life. Thus phone cases were created and covering those costly smartphones, no doubt makes sense. The case is more like insurance for your phone.

Samsung introduced a stunning phone in its Galaxy series, which is the Galaxy S7 Edge. With not much delay so are out some fabulous covers for Galaxy S7 Edge. The covers are simply a treat to the eyes. Some of the best covers are listed below with details, which are more than just a phone cover.

Astounding 5 Covers for Galaxy S7 Edge:

Covering your precious phone is not only essential; it also somewhat reflects your overall styling concern. Only an insane person will leave his phone uncovered and welcome risks to damage it. Well, so for all the same person’s here’s 5 covers for Galaxy S7 Edge that will surely change the outlook of your smartphone to make it look smarter and attractive.

1.Ultra Protective, Protak Series Trianium Case Covers for Galaxy S7 Edge

A shock absorbing case with 360-degrees four side protection and covered corners that will give your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone all the performances of the best cover.

The Protak cases have detailed cut-outs for charging ports, speakers, other operating buttons and audio ports. These covers for Galaxy S7 Edge is precisely designed to make it a lightweight case convenient for carrying purpose in almost every situation.

The case is featured with a soft rubberized interior that makes it shock resistant and a polycarbonate exterior back, which is removable prevents from any scratches, drops or bumps.

This collection of covers for Galaxy S7 Edge from Trianium offers a lifetime guarantee for your smart-phone. A slim fit case for your Galaxy S7 edge comes in a champagne gold color that will add that extra spark to your Galaxy S7 Edge handset.

2.Spigen Tough Armour Case with Kickstand

A hard casing cover made up of polycarbonate exterior and TPU shock proof interior with a hands-free viewing technology, for Galaxy S7 Edge.

These covers for Galaxy S7 Edge have been mechanized with air cushion technology, which has Military-grade protection. The 2.0 mm raised lip of the cover protects the screen from any kind of abrupt breakage.

The large cut-outs of the case enable insertion of any kind of cables, yet keeping the camera and phone absolutely protected. The case offers various colors with a sheeny look.

3.Luxury Leather Texture Case from Caseology for Galaxy S7 Edge

Caseology introduces a classic, premium synthetic leather textured cover for Galaxy S7 Edge. The TPU cover protection makes it shock absorbent and gives sustained protection. The soft leather texture is scratch proof with a comfortable grip and stylish look.


The high-end look and feel of the cover with tailored fit design, make the usage purpose of the case perfectly versatile right from work to party.  The frame with a semi-rigid polycarbonate finish engaged with corner cushions prevents your phone from any accidental drop.

The cover is accurately equipped with button covers, exact cut-outs, having a raised lips and camera bezel. It is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This leather finished cover comes in different colors to match your color preference.

4.Galaxy S7 Edge Full-Body Rugged Case from Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

A case that is meticulously designed for “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge”, only having no inbuilt screen protector, is compatible with all Galaxy S7 features, sensors, ports, and functions. A full body rugged holster case, with double layering with hybrid back cover for heavy usage. The dual-layered body case is a combination of a hard polycarbonate shell and supple TPU, which defy accidental drop, shock, and bump.

The case comes with a swiveling holster 360-degree belt clip for easy carriage purpose. The premium soft PC and TPU material of the case prevent the phone from any dust and wreckage.

The sturdy case covers for Galaxy S7 Edge is perfect for outdoor usage. The design of the cases looks sports friendly and comes in multiple colors leaving you a wider option for choosing.

5.Combo Holster Dual Layer, Rugged Back Covers for Galaxy S7 Edge:

New stylishly designed case covers for Galaxy S7 Edge is out now. This cover comes in four different shades; blue, black, pink and white. It’s a prime cover with a dual layer from i-Blason, to give your phone that extra caring protection.

The inner sleeve of the case has an implementation of shock absorbing technology and the exterior part is built for any kind of crash resistance. This hard durable case has back clips for side mounting clipping, to make it convenient for carrying during work, play or travel.

Well, that’s not all; these covers for Galaxy S7 Edge have some more exciting attachment to give your phone complete benefit, that’s worth having. The case can also be converted into a stand for hands-free watching and viewing of your favorite stuff. The cases have improved side-mount holster that keeps your Galaxy S7 edge secure. It also helps in easy dismounting and mounting.

The raised bevel designed case protects the phone screen. A fancy cut designed case allows easy access to all sensors, ports, speakers, cameras and all other features that the phone offers.

All these cover for Galaxy S7 Edge approximately will adjust well with your budget. They all are latest designed cases with exclusive look and style that will keep your phone stand out from the lot. So grab them today to keep your Galaxy S7 edge phone secured with no compromise in style. Since they come in multiple shades, it will have no problem in blending with your dressing style and color. Show off your personality with these best 5 covers for Galaxy S7 Edge.

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3 thoughts on “Best 5 Phone Covers for Galaxy S7 Edge

  • December 15, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    Your website is awesome. I have the new Samsung Galaxy. That full body rugged case is what I needed I’m definitely going to share your page!

  • December 15, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    Great info on 5 covers for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now the question; WHICH one do I choose? I would go personally for the #4 – FULL BODY protection. Only a few dollars more than some of the others…but worth it in my opinion! Thanks for the info!

  • December 15, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Thanks for the info and review on these covers.
    Half my office just got S7s as an incentive bonus so this will definitely help them make up their minds in choosing covers for their phones. Will share your page with them.


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