Best Cases for Apple Watch Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

The Apple Watch is a premium device which is meant to be used in a sporty and hectic environment. This makes it very important to make the device completely safe before you can take it out for various activities that have the potential of causing bumps and scratches on your device.

While the market is flooded with various cases and covers, it is very important that you choose a product which will make your device completely risk free and at the same time won’t damage the look of the product or cause any problem while you try to access the various functionalities of the same. There are many more devices in the market like Moto 360, Fossil Smartwatch.

Some of the best cases for Apple watch :

  1. Apple Watch 2 Case Rugged Protective Case from SUPCASE with Strap Bands

    When it comes to casing an Apple watch, it has to be protected from all sides along with a look that will be enhancing the appearance of the product and not be deeming it. This casing provides it all. It is designed to protect the watch and provides the watch with an upgraded look. it is available 5 cool colors for you to select from.

  • The design is customized for the Apple Watch 2, 42 mm (2015) release and has a front cover which snaps back for better handling of the product while putting on or taking off of the cover.
  • The casing is made of flexible TPU and polycarbonate, combined in a dual layer which protects the watch against accidents which may cause a drop, shock or bump.
  • For ultimate protection of the Apple watch, the casing is provided with a rugged look which is all fit for an all-round protection of the device.
  • The casing is made in such a way that all the buttons of the device and the touch surfaces are accessible even when the cover is on.
  1. Two Pack 42mm PC Hard Case from Monoy with Hard Screen Protector

    In case you are not looking for an all-around cover for your Apple watch and are satisfied with just a front and back casing, you need to try out this cover. It comes with a clear casing that helps in keeping the look of the watch intact and also the strap is in grey to give an overall classy and corporate look to the device.

    • The transparent front casing comes in a pack of two and acts as a screen protector for your Apple Watch 2. This is to make sure that even if you lose one cover, you won’t have to buy the whole set again.
    • The case is molded to fit your Apple Watch 2 perfectly and is highly durable and tough in nature.
    • All the actions, buttons and sensory screens of the device are perfectly accessible even with the casing on.
    • As the casing is transparent, bright and clear in nature, hence it reveals the true color of the Apple Watch and doesn’t demean the look of the device.
    • The cover provides all-around protection to Apple Watch 2 and prevents any minor scratches or bumps from occurring on the device.
  2. Actionproof Apple Watch 42mm Durable Rubber Case – Ultra Lightweight

    One of the main reasons why you need to protect your Apple watch is because it is a premium product and this casing understands it beautifully. It is also available in 3 classic colors for users to choose from.

    • The casing is made of Laperen which is high-quality rubber and flexible as well as non-allergic in nature. The casing is fit for all kinds of activity that you can think of and can handle temperature which ranges between -40°C to 120°
    • The casing is very easy to install and can be done within seconds. Installation of the casing makes your Apple Watch absolutely safe for hiking, climbing, gym and other hefty works.
    • Although the casing offers an all-around protection of the watch, it does not hinder any functionality of the watch. The health sensors are in touch with your skin, the crown wheel is perfectly accessible and the audio is unobstructed.
    • The bumper is aesthetically pleasing to look at. It fits with any and every wristband and is fun to use too.
    • As Apple Watch is designed to measure many of your health notifications like footstep counts and heartbeat, it needs to be sports worry free and Bumper helps in making it so along with the comfort you will feel while the casing is on.
  3. Tough Armor Heavy Duty Case with Screen Protector from Spigen

    This cute to look at casing truly provides the Apple Watch with armor like protection when mounted on. It is available in 3 colors which enhance the look of the watch and redefines the device.

    • It is available with air cushion technology along with a two-layer protection system.
    • The interior is made up of shock absorbing TPU material while the exterior is made up of polycarbonate layering.
    • The front lip of the casing is raised by 2mm so that the screen remains protected from any kind of accidental drops or scratches.
    • These casings are custom made for Apple Watch 2, 42mm (2016 release).
    • The cases are super easy to install and provides instant protection to the watch.
  4. Fintie 38mm Apple Watch Case – Ultra Slim Lightweight PC Hard Protective Bumper Cover

    If you are the owner of a 38 mm Apple Watch, you are in luck. This cover comes in a pack of 6 beautiful colors which you can use on your Apple Watch alternatively.

  • Specifically customized to fit the 38mm version of the Apple Watch.
  • Made of polycarbonate casing which provides all-around protection to the device. The casing is hard and shockproof in nature.
  • These are cases only and doesn’t come with the band of the watch.
  • The cases are lightweight, slim and provides users with the ease of accessing all the buttons.
  • These are some of the best cases that are available in the market for the Apple Watch which you can buy to enhance the look of your device along with protecting the same from all damages.

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2 thoughts on “Best Cases for Apple Watch Review

  • November 27, 2017 at 10:16 am

    The Apple Watch is an excellent watch. At first, I wasn’t sure about getting an Apple Watch, but a friend of mine showed me hers one day and I was impressed with how cool they actually are. I got them to help with training for marathons that I run 2 times a year.

    I do like the Actionproof Apple Watch 42mm rubber casing one. I did have a question about it though? Do you know what colors it comes in?

    • December 14, 2017 at 1:04 pm

      I agree when the first Apply Watch came out years ago my first reactions was why would anyone want one of those. Then, I saw one at the store and played around with it. Just 2 months later I purchased one and really love mine. I have always like Apple products a lot, though.
      To answer your question; the Actionproof case does come in red and white.


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