Best cases for BLU Vivo 5

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

There are a lot of cases for BLU Vivo 5 to choose from.

These smartphones are on the lower end in terms of price.  Meaning, you’re not going to spend $700 like you would for a Samsung Galaxy A7 or iPhone 7.  But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go ahead and purchase a case for your smartphone.  You don’t want it to get damaged and then have to spend another $150 on another smartphone, do you?

Before I show you our picks for cases we want to show you a video we found on Cheap cases:


Well, you’re in luck because we are going to show you the best BLU Vivo 5 cases.  Unlike the video above the cases down below won’t feel like a $5 case.

Best BLU Vivo 5 Cases

We should note that these cases for your BLU Vivo 5 are in no particular order.  It’s up to you to decide which one is the best for you.

ABLOOMBOX Flexible Cover For BLU Vivo 5

  • The nature of the phone is highlighted by the ultra-slim design of the case and is perfectly suited to protect your phone.
  • The case gives your phone better grip on different surfaces with its anti-grip properties and materials.
  • The case is tight on your phone and has 100 accurate openings for all the holes.
  • All the ports, controls, and buttons are easily accessible without having to remove the case from your phone.
  • 23 different color variants.

With so many designs there is a style to fit just about anyone, and with the anti-slip properties, you never have to worry about it sliding around again.

BLU Vivo 5 Case From KUGI

Exclusive design for BLU Vivo 5 5.5 inch smartphone, not fit BLU Vivo XL 5.5 inch phone before you buy it, please check your phone model first.

  • The slim leather folio case provides comfortable viewing with a multi-angled stand.
  • The case is a High-quality PC case with premium quality PU leather.
  • Easily accessible features and controls; Perfect holes are cut out for all the ports, the camera, the speakers, etc.
  • Easy to slip on your device, yet stays on securely The case is easily worn and stays on well.
  • Four colors: black, brown, red, and white.

With awesome drop protection and a multi-angled stand, it’s great for anyone that likes watching clips and videos.

Gzerma Double Shock-Abortion Case For BLU Vivo 5

  • Carefully crafted with TPU fusion which offers protection to all sides of the smartphone.
  • Fits perfectly over the cell phone and allows you to use all the buttons and controls.
  • Comes with a stand holder which is in the shape of a ring.
  • Includes a screen protector. This is a shatterproof protector which is much stronger than PET or tempered glass screen protectors.

This case does come in 4 different color options.  It’s a slim case which does an excellent job of protecting your BLU Vivo 5 smartphone.

BLU Vivo XL Case Rugged Dual Layer

  • This case comes in 21 different colors.
  • This case has TPU bumpers on the inner layer. Then, on the outside of the case, there is a PC cover.
  • It’s a shock absorption and anti-scratch case that has raised lips which help protect the front and back of the smartphone.
  • Comes with a built-in kickstand. This allows you to watch video hands-free. This kickstand works both horizontally and vertically.

A premium case at a budget price tag. There are lots of positive reviews from several happy customers on this BLU Vivo 5.

Moze Cover With Wrist Wrap Case For BLU Vivo 5

Specially design for BLU Vivo 5

  • The case has a cash sleeve and four card holder slots for easy organization.
  • The MOZE wallet smartphone case is made out of PC and synthetic leather.
  • The case includes a morphing kickstand for easily browsing social media and watching clips or videos.
  • Easily charge your phone without having to remove the case. Easily have full use of the headphone jack, microphone, camera lens, speakerphone and user interface.
  • Color: Black

With so many card holders and a wrist strap, the case is perfect for anyone that’s constantly on the go!

SKMY Soft Transparent Case For Vivo 5

Exclusive design for BLU Vivo 5 5.5 inches smartphone,the case does not fit BLU VIVO XL 5.5 inch phone.

  • The case has an anti-slip TPU bumper that gives your smartphone more grip on surfaces and prevents damage from any drops and shocks it gets during daily use.
  • The cases beveled front edges allow for your smartphone to lay on the table and is designed for the screen protection of your smartphone.
  • This case will add minimal bulk to your smartphone with its super-slim design and perfect fit.
  • This case has been beautifully designed specifically for the BLU Vivo 5(2016).
  • Colors: black, clear, purple, leather black, leather brown, leather red, leather white, pink.

With its small size and anti-slip design, this case is perfect for anyone who likes to keep it simple but fun.

Hopefully, the above list has helped you when picking a case for your smartphone.  As we mentioned the BLU Vivo 5 isn’t a high-end smartphone, but a decent phone for anyone that is on a tight budget.

Do you have any questions about the BLU Vivo 5?  Please leave your comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “Best cases for BLU Vivo 5

  • February 6, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    The cases by ABLOOMBOX are great cases. I love the designs of them. I have the hunting one and it’s totally awesome!

    • February 7, 2018 at 1:49 pm

      We agree they are some really nicely designed cases for the BLU Vivo 5. There are actually number of different variations of hunting ones. All the designs are listed down below:

      Black White Marilyn Monroe Sexy Lips
      Cassette Tape D90
      Cute Owl Vector Fabric Seamless Paisley Floral
      Dream Catcher Spirit Of The Wolf
      Faith Hope Love / Galaxy Rainbow Wishing Tree
      Feather Birds Herringbone Chevron Pattern
      Hunting Camo Fabric Camouflage Grass
      Hunting Camo Fabric Camouflage Tree Brown Autumn
      Hunting Camo Fabric Camouflage Tree Orange Summer
      Hunting Camo Fabric Camouflage Tree Pink Spring
      Hunting Camo Fabric Camouflage Tree White Winter
      Just Live / Rainbow Butterfly Leopard Print
      Live Laugh Love / White Rose Flowers Floral
      London Public Payphone Telephone
      Never Give Up On Your Dreams
      Never Stop Dreaming
      Police Public Call Box Doctor Who
      Seamless Ethnic Tribal Elephant Drawing
      Seamless Paisley Style Vintage Floral
      Smile / Galaxy Chevron Pattern Pink Lollipops
      Space Galaxy Nebula Tiger
      Sugar Skull Vector Fabric Seamless Paisley
      Vintage Retro Rangefinder Camera
      Watercolor Owl Seamless Ethnic Tribal


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