Best Blu Advance 5.0 Case in 2017

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

The accessories are an important for every smart phone, especially the back cases. It is necessary to choose the right back case for your smart phone. You must make sure that it fits perfectly, holds your device firmly, and is made up of materials which are of good quality. If not handled properly, anything can go wrong with your sensitive smart devices. The back case should be compatible for your device and it should be safe from all aspects. In this write up, we have listed out some good quality Cases for Blu Advance 5.0 for your reference.

First Cases Recommended Case for BLU ADVANCE 5.0:

BNY Blu Advance 5.0 Thin Case Cover

This case is perfectly designed for BLU ADVANCE 5.0 and it fits perfectly around your device. This case holds your device firmly and does not let it slip away from your hands because of the anti slipping coat on the outer surface. This case is made from soft silicone rubber gel material which absorbs the shock in a perfect manner and reduces the impact of the damage or jerk after it falls on a hard surface. You can easily remove it and install it back around your phone because it is extremely easy procedure. This case is made in such a way that it protects your phone from dust, dirt, and all sorts of scratches and external abrasion. The soft and smooth material is scratch proof and you can clean it any time you feel like. The edges are raised to provide protection to your front screen also from scratches. This is made from good quality material which has a long lasting durability.

Miadi PU Leather Flip Cover for Blu Advance 5.0

This case is made up of premium leather which keeps your phone from any sort of scratch of damage. This case is exclusively designed for Blu Advance 5.0 and encases it perfectly by holding it in a firm manner. The interior surface is made of soft TPU material which acts as perfect shock absorber. The outer layer is is made from durable poly carbonate exterior which resists all types of scratches. The cut outs are precisely carved at right places and it exposes all the necessary buttons for your use. All the slots are provided to accommodate the space for ports such as charger, speaker, microphone, and USB. You do not have to remove the cover and get access to these features. Everything is provided by keeping in mind the convenience of users. It is provided with multiple angle stand with the help of which you can easily watch the movies and play games at different angles. It has an in built slot where you can keep your important cards such as credit card, identity card, or driving license. It is absolutely light in weight and does not add any extra bulk to your pocket or handbag.

Premium Rugged Blu Advance 5.0 Case

This case is perfectly compatible with your device and encases it perfectly. The best feature about this case is that it is a heavy duty case. It has a hard snap on cover on the outer side which is made up of durable plastic material. It has rugged design and prevents the device from slipping off through your hands under any circumstances. Whereas, the inner surface is made up of soft silicone layer which is shock absorbent and reduces the impact when your device falls from a certain height. Thus, this case will protect your phone from all aspects and will save it from scratches, cracks, and other damages. It is custom made with good quality materials and gives all round protection to your device. It protects every corner of your device because of the shock proof body and has elevated edge which keeps the screen safe from any sort of scratches and damages.

NFW Blu Advance 5.0 Case

This is a perfect case for your smart phone and it fits perfectly for Blu Advance 5.0. The most unique feature about this case is that it has built in self stand facility through which you can watch the movies and play games conveniently. You will have access to all the controls and features of your phone because the cut outs are made accurately. You do not have to remove the case for using any of the features of this device. The slots for camera, speaker, charging port, USB port, and microphone are provided at the right place. The inner layer is made of TPU material and has bumper which keeps your device safe from any kind of shocks or jerks. The outer layer is hard and protective which keeps your device safe from abrasions and holds it firmly. It has anti scratch coating which does not reduce the show or look of your device. The small drops can be nullified by the raised edge which not only absorbs shock but also protects your front screen from any kind of scratches or damages.

Hence, by analyzing all the features of above mentioned Cases for Blu Advance 5.0, we have clearly understood the requirement of this device. All the above mentioned products are best in terms of quality and we can easily rely upon them for our device. It has good quality material and strong design which protects our device from all sides and in all conditions. All these products are highly preferred by most of the users and thus, they stand out from rest of the innumerable options which are available in the market.

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