Best Selling Cases for ZTE Axon 7

A durable phone case comes among one of the most important accessories for the protection as well as the look enhancement of a phone. Apart from being sturdy and tough against any mishaps, it is required to increase the attractive appearance of the phone to go with your daily lifestyle and provide protection from any unintentional damages on the external coating and finish of the phone. Many intricate specifications are required to be completely damage-proof in order to keep the phone from scratches as well as dirt while giving it an appealing look. Phone cases are a necessary accessory which is almost an attachment for the original device.

Top Selling Cases for ZTE Axon 7

The new ZTE Axon 7 mobile phone too, comes with a wide variety of cases in order to provide the maximum level of protection to the device. We have got you the best selling cases from the diverse range of cases available in the market.

Revolution Series ZTE Axon 7 Case

The classy but rugged design of the new Revolution Series ZTE phone case is customized for the ultimate protection for your phone. Layered out with high level protecting materials of polycarbonate and TPU materials, the case also carries the provision of a display protection, including water resistant features.
The case also includes high-quality anti-slip and drop features, as well as raised buttons for user convenience.


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Features Included-

  • Compatible exclusively with ZTE Axon 7
  • The case comes with flaps for all open ports to prevent dust particles and water droplets.
  • The texture of edges is customized in order to provide a comfortable grip.
  • Comes with TPU layer protection to eliminate chances of shock.
  • Includes display cover to provide overall protection to the device.
  • Consists of an ultra-slim protection facility for user-comfort.

Dual Layer ZTE Axon 7 Case

Designed intelligently, this ZTE Axon 7 case comes with a dual layer of fine-quality protection of polycarbonate to prevent any shock and drop damages to the exterior surfacing of the device. Extremely convenient to install as well remove, its convenient cut-edge technology is perfect for a sturdy grip for the user, as well as a tough exterior look over the device.


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Features Included-

  • Fits the ZTE Axon 7 phone exclusively.
  • Comes with a feature of dual layer stiff protection for the maximum safety of the device.
  • Easy installation and removal process
  • Includes easy access to all the ports and buttons fitted under the cover for user convenience.
  • Consists of a perfect and enigmatic design in order to enhance the look of the phone.

CoverOn ZTE Axon 7 Case

Designed to provide maximum protection to your phone, the CoverOn ZTE Axon 7 case carries a transparent back cover containing a hard exterior. It comes with a lightweight profile and a slim structure, designed for a convenient grip over the phone, also preventing it from sudden drops. The cover is designed in a way to keep the device from scratches as well as dirt and fingerprints too. The high-quality phone case is made through superior craftsmanship, it comes with a flexible design too.


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Features included-

  • The case is covered with TPU and Polycarbonate layers for efficient protection.
  • It includes a minimal design and a comfortable grip over the device.
  • User-friendly ports and buttons come with anti-dust and fingerprint technology.
  • The shockproof features of the case make it extremely durable and effective in case of unintentional mishaps.
  • Flexible customization for a fine finish and efficient grip.

Crystal ZTE Axon 7 Case

Coming with a transparent look in order to maintain the original design of the device, the Crystal ZTE Axon 7 case is designed with the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the phone and making it extremely appealing. The cover is washable and water resistant too. The silicon layer provides an overall protection to the phone over the exterior as well as the edges and sides. The case is designed to offer anti-slip and dirt proof features to the smartphone too. Being extremely lightweight, it is almost negligible for the user while offering maximum damage resistant features.


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Features included-

  • Lightweight and slim, the case is extremely user-friendly providing a sturdy grip for the device.
  • Only compatible with the ZTE Axon 7 smartphone
  • Carries anti-drop and fingerprint-proof technology for maintaining a fine finish of the phone.
  • Includes silicone and TPU layer protection as well as raised edges to enhance the damage-resistance.
  • Comes with a look-enhancing design as well as cut-edge quality for a fine looking phone.

J&D Wallet ZTE Axon 7 Case

Keeping the safety of the phone as a priority, the J&D Wallet ZTE Axon 7 Case comes with a rubberized technology to provide a shock-resistant featureĀ for maximizing the level of protection for your smartphone. Carrying additional pockets for storing cards and important papers. Carrying layers of high-quality TPU and polycarbonate safety, the case also contains precise cutouts for easy access to ports and buttons for a user-friendly experience.


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Features Included-

  • The hard-duty cover is compatible exclusively with the ZTE Axn 7 smartphone.
  • Coming at an extremely reasonable price, the case carries anti-drop and shockproof technologies.
  • It includes spaces and cutouts for storing your cards and other important papers conveniently at one spot.
  • The synthetic coating offers a superior level of protection from any external damage to the phone.
  • Comes with an attractive design as well as overall display protection for the ultimate safety of the smartphone.


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