Best Selling Huawei Honor 8 Cases

Huawei Honor 8 is one of the latest phones released by Huawei. It is sported with a 5.2 inches screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 but that does not make it a phone which does not need a protective case. Huawei Honor also comes with a dedicated buttons at the back which makes it out of the average smartphones available in the market. Why don’t check out the best selling huawei honor 8 cases ?

Here is the list of Best Huawei Honor 8 Case :

1.Rugged case for Huawei Honor 8 by Spigen


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Features Include-

  • Spigen is a renowed brand for mobiles cases and protectors
  • The case comes with air cushion technology for shock absorption
  • The case comes in black color only which will be a good match for Huawei Black Honor 8.

It is made with premium TPU material and has a raised lip to absorb the shock it creates and has 3D buttons which help in getting the button feedback in a better way that normal cases .

2. Sparin Scratch Resistant case with Corner Bumpers for Huawei Honor 8


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Features Include-

  • Sparin is also a renowed brand in phone cases market like Spigen.
  • Sparin case for Honor 8 is Scratch Resistant
  • The case comes with corner bumpers to protect the corners and decrease the shock on the device when the phone falls down.
  • This case has perfect cutouts for speakers, headphone connector and mic which are the most important thing you should check while buying a case for your device.

Sparin case is designed in a way to provide extra protection to the phone with protecting all the colors. According to the user reviews the case also always the use of NFC with the cover on. The pack comes with 2 body protectors which makes it easy even if you lose one.


3. LWGON 3 Matte Anti-Slip Case for Honor 8


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Features Include-

  • LWGON case for Honor 8 is a 3 in 1 case which has anti slip , shock absorption with a electroplate frame.
  • The case is very thin and has a hard body case , the matt finish makes it anti slip and provides shock absorption.
  • The case comes with seperate button on the case itself to improve the usability.
  • LWGON case has an extra added feature of lens protection also.

My personal suggestion is that this case looks the best when we come to the look factor. The Matt finish gives it a luxurious look .


4.Carbon Fiber Silicone Case for Honor 8

Carbon Fiber Silicone Case - honor

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Features Include-

  • The phone comes with a carbon textured grip to have a better grip for holding it.
  • The case comes in 5 different colors – Black, Blue, Gray , Dandelion and Penguin.
  • Dandelion and Penguin are the best honor 8 cases for girls.
  • The case is streamlined and has a lip for protecting the phone from falling on the screen

The ultra thin and Silicone case provides extra protection to Honor 8. Carbon Fiber makes the case light weight and the silicon makes it shock absorber.

5. Best Girlish Case for Honor 8 – Transparent Protection


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Features Include-

  • This case comes in more than 10 colors which are Black Matt, Gold, Rose, Mint Matt, Indian Sun
  • This case fits both Honor 8 and Honor 8 Premium
  • The material used in the case is silicon and TPU premium

These cases are manufactured by Landee and they come with textured layout with more a 3D design on the lens to protect the camera lens. The power buttons and volume buttons works perfectly with the case on.


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