Best 5 Cases for Google Pixel Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

How protective, possessive and careful we are for our prized phone? Well, the answer to that is emphatic “yes”, as our obsession for our handset seems to get bigger with every passing day. Considering the ever increasing bond, we do make an obvious choice for enhancing its protection by making considerations relating with its fitting, durability, lightness and visual appeal. Well, I have to say that Google Pixel cases fall exactly on such parameters where you can actually feel the pleasant different by making the right decision at the right time.

Look at the top 5 Google pixel cases which seems to be selling like hot cakes:-

1. DGtle Slim Flexible Soft Bumper Rubber Protective Case Cover

Color: Transparent

You know that your phone is a compact one and you equally need a case which seems to compliment your handset. Here, DGtle is basically a slim fit case which is designed to keep the originality and charisma of the phone intact. As you hold your phone, it just goes on with the smoothness of the design and you will never ever feel that something is amiss.

The phone has various ports and cutouts. Now, the importance of case lies towards creating such a precision in design that the different cutouts can be best featured in all its glory. Likewise,  Dgtle cases for Google Pixel  do full justice with camera and ports. Yes, how the case has given way exactly at the desired place in giving full exposure to the screen, coupled with buttons is something which can be best reflected through the case.

  • There is absolutely no need to remove the case while using camera, earphone or charging
  • Every single port is well dealt where you can be assured of the highest degree of protection from all sorts of dirt and importantly scratches as well. Since, it has a raised platform, which can actually safeguard your screen from it.
  • When the body including the screen is untouched, then you can indeed expect a longer life of your phone.
  • Dgte Cases protect your phone from sudden shock arising out of fall and also gives a better grip, so that while you hold it, you feel more comfortable, secure and confident too.

2.  Rugged Armor Google Pixel Case By Spigen

Color: Black

  • Shiny, smooth coupled with carbon texture features to create highly sophisticated look
  • Features are greatly enhanced where Spigen Rugged Google Pixel Cases gives you a great fit
  • It makes use of highly durable “air cushion technology” to give much needed protection from sudden jerks, falls and unforeseen accidental events.
  • A great featured TPU layers to give greater flexibility which pressing each and every single button is easy without any hassles

3. Caseology Modern Slim Geometric Design cases

Color: Crystal Clear

A “modern approach” to technologically advanced cases can thus be termed as the best word for this case.

Yes, I am talking about these Google Pixel Cases by Caseology which give greater degree of grip which makes it easy for you to have an increasing control.

Similarly, it makes the use of polyurethane which is basically a shock absorbing material to prevent your coveted and valuable phone to safeguard from accidental falls and scratches (which may occur at any point in time)

The overall cover which is not only cut with precision considering the different cutouts in your camera be it that of camera, charging port etc is done so artistically that you feel very satisfied with such Google pixel cases. It uses cushion polycarbonate frame.

4. Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel Case with Slim Protection

Color: Crystal Clear

If you want to experience a hassle free time with simple yet intricate design which can best create a charisma for your handset without dwarfing the originality of your set, then Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel Case is what you deserve

Spigen Liquid Cases  are there to ensure that your handset is scratch free with its TPU and considering its minimal weight, you can equally ensure no significant addition to weightage. Overall, the lightness of your handset remains intact.The case offers easy access to all the buttons with so much of simplicity

5. Veatool Google Pixel Case,Rubber Back and TPU Bumper Cushion

Color: Black

 The best way to be listed in the category of captivating, awesome, charismatic and an “ideal Google Pixel Case” is how it creates précised cutouts for buttons, speakers, charging and audio ports.

As you know that the grip for any handset is highly important as it lessens the chances of accidental falls owing to the delicateness of the phone. Yes, now you can minimize your tensions it is so handy. Additionally, you can save yourself from scratches; shocks and how systematically the case is adjusted to the body create no room for the dust to settle anywhere.

Your phone needs protection from all sides, in short 360 degress of fool proof security. Isn’t it? Likewise, these typical Google Pixel cases come with this enhanced security. Additionally, its corners are covered for lessening the chance of untoward shock as it affects the most on its corners. Similarly, it edges are raised which help in creating scratch free screen.

Final words

There you have Google pixel cases where choosing them will be so easy now. You know that a researched post from experts is the next best option for you to decide. Likewise, the aforesaid post through systematic and step by step features will make it easy for you to ensure cool, awesome and in-depth information. Yes, you love your phone and that you want to safeguard it with a case which compliments your specific handset, after all.


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