Best 4 Bands and Cases for Moto 360 2nd Gen

The goal was to make the world smart from smarter. We all have seen that in no time smart phones rapidly consumed the world. Now almost every individual own a smart phone irrespective of their personal income. The wide price range made easier for people to buy smart kinds of stuff as per their budget level without compromising from the joy of staying smart.

The advancement in technology has always whammed our minds with its amazing creations. After the trend smart phones in every hand, now it seems those days are not far when every hand will be replaced with smart watches from the regular ones.
Moto 360 has unveiled smart fitness watches to keep you healthy, fit and fine all day long. It comes with a tag line saying “choose the watch that makes time for you”. If you have already owned one then surely you will need cases to keep your smart watch protected, because it’s not any normal watch you own now. This content has talked of some best cases for Moto 360, so keep reading to know more.

4 Best Bands and Cases for Moto 360:

Here’s listed four best covers for Moto 360 along with feature details. Go through them to know all the promising features it offers to give your smart watch that extra care and protection from any kind of accidental breakage or mishandling issues. The covers are exclusively designed for Moto 360.

  1. 42 mm 2nd Gen Moto 360 Bumper Cases

    Snug brings another wide range of watch bands and bumper covers for Moto 360. These series of cases are for the smaller men’s with 42 mm 2nd Gen Moto 360. The 42 mm 2nd Gen bumper case sets come with only cases without any bands with it, in 5 different varieties. This product provides you with a choice of cases for moto 360.


The 42 mm for Men’s 2nd Gen Moto 360, has cases that are easy to install and hugs the lugs to keep it in place. The ultra slim pattern of the covers protects the watch case. The 1.5 mm bumper helps in protecting the face without any kind of functional disturbance.

The cases are odour, sweat and stain resistant. Snug brings them in multiple shades, so no dilemma in choosing. You can easily match them with any of your outfits. They are built to make your MOTO 360 long-lasting.

  1. 22 mm Moto 360 Snug Watchband and Bumper Case Set

    Snug watchbands and bumper case cover for Moto 360 to fit the 22 mm smart watches. Snug brings case sets that fit the largest 46 mm Moto 360. This comes in three different sizes, so make sure to select the right one before purchasing that fits with your Moto 360.


This set of packaging comes with one 46 mm bumper case and one black band with black buckle. The cases are designed keeping in mind about human odour, perspiration and stains. Therefore the bands are odour, sweat and stain resistant to give you long lasting benefit.

The bands are ideal for wrists within 6-10.5in, though the bands are designed in a way that can be adjusted to fit in with any kind of wrist. The cases and bands can be easily installed and have spring bars for quick release. It comes in three different shades, shapes and sizes.

  1. Protector Cases by Moretek for Moto 360

    Moretek introduces protector case covers for Moto 360. Its specially built structure gives protection without disturbing any of the functions of your smart watch.


 These covers for Moto 360 are made up of superior quality silicone and are specifically designed for Moto 360 smart watches. This silicone textured case prevents the smart watch from any bumps and accidental drop. The case comes in three different shades to accessorize with your favorite outfits.

  1. Moto 360 X4-Tech Watchbands and Protective Cases

    X4-Tech brings you dual layer cases for heavy protection of Moto 360. The cover is designed with a combination of flexible TPU and poly-carbonate hard shell, which can withstand any kind of accidental fall, bump and shock.




The advanced snap-on front cover design makes it easier for installation. The rugged design of the covers for Moto 360 prevents against any kind of scratches and bumps. These cover for Moto 360 offers multiple cool color options to match with dressing style and preference. So you can always take your pick.

These series of covers for Moto 360 are designed and built in a way that gives proper protection to your Moto 360 smart fitness watches. With these covers you can worry free access over your daily life, wearing your Moto 360. They all come in affordable price range. The covers and bands are also available in several colors, shapes and sizes to match perfectly with your need. Snipe away your favorites from this scattered variety of covers for Moto 360.

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